A Chetland combo at Emerald


PSC golf from The Fairways Golf Society

Tuesday,December 27, The Emerald – P.A.G.S monthly tournament

Once again we had a fantastic turnout for the final round of our monthly P.A.G.S. tournament with over 90 entrants.  Much to their pleasant surprise they all received a free turkey sandwich on the first tee.  This seemed to go down really well and got everybody off to a good start.

The day was slightly marred with rumours flying about concerning certain players manipulating their handicaps by entering their own cards on the internet.  Unfortunately, while the Pattaya Sports Club and the U.S.G.A. system allows this practice there is not much we can do about it.  Hopefully next year we will be monitoring things more closely and will add our own handicapping policy to prevent this happening in the future.

A Flight winner at Emerald, Bo Engstrom (left).A Flight winner at Emerald, Bo Engstrom (left).

Anyway this did not affect the vast majority as almost everybody had a great day, with lots of friendly banter with some good and some not so good golf.

It was a great day out for the Chetland family as Tony won the B flight while his lovely wife took the honours in the Ladies division.  There was an abundance of prizes on offer today so the competition was very with several places won on count back.

Keep It in the family: B Flight & Ladies winners Tony & Wendy Chetland.Keep It in the family: B Flight & Ladies winners Tony & Wendy Chetland.

Technical prizes went to following players:

Longest Drives:  Srithong, Mrs Hotmann, Mike Ryder (2), Jack Grinvold, and Mark Reid.

Long Putts:  Paul McGowan & Morton Gauslaa.

Near Pins in three shots:  James Sheffield (2) & Jack Bowman.

Nearest the Tree:  Dang Onskun.

Near Pin in two:  Gary Saunders, Richard Hurley, Kalanee, George Robinson, Johnathon Grindvold, and Mikael Anderson.

Near Pins:  Morton Gauslaa, Eric Reginiussen, Yusa, John Newsome, Nils Svensson, and Ning Neal.

Once again three flights for the men plus a ladies division.  And the placings were:

A Flight (0-13)

1st Bo Engstrom (13) 35pts

2nd Pier Cere (13) 35pts

3rd Johnathon Grindvold (4) 35pts

B Flight (14-19)

1st Tony Chetland (19) 39pts

2nd Alban Mathiasson (15) 36pts

3rd Bob Moore (16) 34pts

C Flght (20-28)

1st Kenny Chung (28) 36pts

2nd Ken Meek (23) 36pts

3rd Nils Svensson (25) 35pts


1st Wendy Chetland (30) 37pts

2nd Yusa (24) 35pts

The men’s order of merit winner was decided on the last two holes of the final round with Jack Bowman needing two pars to secure the championship, but alas he could only manage two bogeys.  So Gary Saunders came first over all with 576 points ahead of Jack on 570.  Third place went to Mikael Anderson with 558 points, fourth to Gavin Perfect (557) and fifth Richard Hurley (538).

The competition for the ladies overall winner was even tighter with only two points separating the first three.  Ning Neal eventually prevailed to take the title with 592 points, from Noi Emerson (591pts) in second and Yusa (590) third.

We would like to thank Russell Exley for being the rules official for the day; thankfully he did not have any decisions to make.

The guys back at the Fairways once again did an excellent job with the barbecue and presentation and as usual the celebrations went on well into the night.

The first round of the P.A.G.S. tournament in 2012 will be held at Pleasant Valley on Tues 24th of Jan.  Please assist us by putting your entries in early.

Friday, December 30, Greenwood – Stableford

What a great day for golf – not too hot with a pleasant breeze on a great golf course.  With twenty players in two divisions we were expecting some good scores but we only had two players managing to play to par or better.

Pier Cere, who seems to have just hit form, took the A Flight with an excellent 39 points while Tony Chetland, also on a good run, took the B Flight with a net level par round.

Near pins went to Pier Cere, Keith Woolley, Tony Chetland and Arlen.

A Flight

1st Pier Cere (13) 39pts

2nd Keith Woolley (14) 34pts

3rd Barry Wellings (5) 33pts

B Flight

1st Tony Chetland (19) 36pts

2nd Ken Meek (23) 33pts

3rd Roy Dayton (24) 33pts

Note:  The Fairways Golf Society & Driving Range is located at the top of Pattaya Klang on Sukhumvit Road and plays every Mon/Wed & Friday.  Anyone wishing to play with us can call in to the club house and put their names down on the lists provided or call Scott on 084 389 2379.  Transport provided if required.