Rod Ishii makes his mark on monthly trophy


PSC golf from the Three Sisters Bar

The Three Sisters Group teed off at their usual 06:30 at the Pattaya Country Club on 28th of December.  This being the end of the month the winner would have his name engraved on the “trophy”.

The weather was great and the course was in good condition.  On the way back from golfing, Herbie Ishinaga managed to roll his ancient Toyota sedan.  Ironically, Herbie had not been drinking.  Jim Hern and Paul Kraft had a devil of a time getting Herbie out of the car through the driver’s window, no small feat if you know Herbie’s size.  Fortunately no serious injuries were incurred.

Back at Caddy Shack II, the cards were tallied and Rod Ishii came in on top with 35 points.  There was a two-way tie for second place that included Joe St. Laurent and Don Goins, both with 34 points.