Vernon & Atwell win two-ball better-ball at Pattaya Country Club

Daryl Vernon (left) and Geoff Atwell (right), team winners at Pattaya Country Club.
Daryl Vernon (left) and Geoff Atwell (right), team winners at Pattaya Country Club.

PSC Bunker Boys Golf July 6 – 10 0845

Monday, July 6th Pattaya Country Club Two-ball better-ball

1st Daryl Vernon & Geoff Atwell 42 points

2nd Jimmy Carr & Dave Ashman 42 points

Near pins Jimmy Carr, Michael Brett, & Geoff Parker X 2.

As we had an even number of players Monday, our illustrious leader Jimmy Carr decided we should, by way of a change, play a two-ball better-ball competition. In order to make it as fair as possible teams were randomly picked prior to leaving the bar.

As it turned out there was little or nothing between all the groups and the winners were decided by countback. Daryl Vernon & Geoff Atwell finished on equal points with Jimmy Carr and Dave Ashman but with a superior back nine were declared winners.

Curiously the team with the highest combined Stableford score came last as they didn’t dovetail very well.

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All the near pins were taken with the ever-improving Geoff Parker taking two and one each to Jimmy Carr and Michael Brett.

Last week at Greenwood we saw some very long driving from Les Cobban and Jimmy Carr, Monday Daryl left them both in his wake pounding out some monsters. Daryl denies taking any special protein shakes, or doing any unorthodox gym exercises to assist. It must be power built up over the years at Fylde Rugby Club.

Pattaya Country Club was heavily booked at the time we made our booking but in the interval, most of the bookings canceled for some reason leaving us with the course virtually to ourselves apart from a couple of groups out ahead. We were able to hit off ahead of schedule and finish in a respectable time. The course was in as good condition as we have seen it and so it was decided to immediately schedule another round on next month’s roster.

Wednesday, July 8th Pattana Country Club

1st Les Cobban (9) 40 points

2nd Geoff Cox (15) 36 points

3rd Michael Brett (16) 35 points

Near pins Geoff Cox, Les Cobban, & Michael Brett

The mother of all rain depressions descended on Pattaya and surrounds for hours on Tuesday causing widespread flooding and traffic chaos. As a result, some were a bit skeptical about the possibility of golf Wednesday; however, as always, the drainage worked well and the Pattana course was fine for play. It was still necessary to implement the pick, clean, and place rule, although by the back nine the course had dried out sufficiently to make it no longer necessary.

Yet another occasion where we had the course to ourselves. One of the drawbacks of playing at Pattana is that the clubhouse still remains closed so it is impossible to purchase any refreshments after the game. Pattana is the only course that has this policy.


In recent weeks scoring has been poor, today all that changed with the winner Les Cobban putting together a superb round of forty points off a nine handicap. His round included four birdies, and needless to say, Les had all parts of his game working.

Another solid round from Geoff Cox saw him finish on thirty-six points in second place with Michael Brett rounding out the scoring with thirty-five.

Near pins went to Les Cobban, Geoff Cox, and Michael Brett. Jimmy had a bad day today not finishing in the top group and losing all three sixes.

Friday, July 10th Pattavia

1st Michael Brett (16) 33 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 32 points

3rd Dave Ashman (23) 31 points

Near pins Dave Ashman, Jimmy Carr, & Kevin LeBar X 2.

A very unpleasant day for golf at Pattavia for the last game of the week. Grey overcast conditions led to rain, sometimes heavy enough to stop play. Thunder rumbled all around us and lightning strikes were close enough to be of major concern. By the closing holes, all the bad weather had blown away and conditions were nice, which begs the question why didn’t we wait for it to pass in the first place? As always the course was in nice condition although the greens were a little slower than we have come to expect.

Scores were again back to the lower end of the scale. Michael Brett took first place with thirty-three points in a round that included a couple of forgettable holes. Jimmy Carr took second, a stroke back and Dave Ashman rounded out the scoring with thirty-one.

Kevin Le Bar played well but because of a couple of lapses finished out of the winner’s circle. He did, however, manage to bag a couple of near pins with Jimmy taking one and a very fortuitous bounce off a tree saw Dave Ashman take the final pin.

Next week we have a nice schedule which includes Laem Chabang and Royal Lakeside before we head off on our first away trip of the year to Khao Yai to play Sir James, Khao Yai Golf Club, Rancho Charnvee, and Mountain Creek.