‘Steady as she goes’ for Tom Herrington

Winner Tom Herrington with bar manager Moon.

PSC Links Golf Society

Thursday, Nov. 26
Greenwood B+C

For the third time this week we played at a golf course in superb condition.

This Thursday, our eight golfers played the B and C nines at Greenwood Golf Club on a nice and breezy, but not too hot a day.

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Again, we were away to an early start as there were very few customers here.

It is disappointing for the clubs with numbers down as they are, but on the upside, with very light traffic, greenkeepers are able to bring the courses up to a very high standard, but they would prefer customers, though.

The fairways are nicely cut, and more trimming was ongoing as we played. That rough we had problems with a few weeks ago is now cut right down and, not only can you find the ball, but it is absolutely playable.

The greens looked spotless and, although players thought they were a little slow, played consistently and true and the usual wet areas at the front were not apparent today.

Tom Herrington said ‘I like them’ as his putting was far better than he normally expects, so, together with some straight drives and some steady play, he amassed 36 points to win his first Green Jacket in a very long time.

Then came two players doing a fine job by each scoring 35 points which needed to go to the countback.

Dave McKey has been a bit consistent lately and had one point better on the back nine than Mike Firkin to grab second place.

Winners at Greenwood

1st Place – Tom Herrington (18) – 36 pts

2nd Place – David McKey (21) – 35 pts c/back

3rd Place – Mike Firkin (21) – 35 pts

We changed our playing days, for now, to Tuesday and Thursday and Greenwood introduced a special price of 1350 baht all-in on those two days. Coincidence? But Thank You.

The organizer decided to divest the responsibility of calling which tees to play, Yellow or White and put it to the vote of the six players in the mini-bus. A spirited debate including anecdotes played out for the final 15 minutes of the trip. In the end, there was no consensus, so the organizer decided anyway.

It was Yellow, by the way.