Pattaya Pressure at the Emerald

Dan & Rosaleen Garvey with David Smith, winners one and all.

PSC Golf from Siam Country Resort Pattaya

On Tuesday the 4th August we went Plutaluang where we played the North and West loop. It was a nice cloudy day and not too hot, and the course was in good condition, making for an enjoyable game.

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Jonathan Pratt was on good form and left the rest of the field far behind. He came in with four birdies and 38 Stableford points. Second was Dave Smith with 29.

The Emerald was our venue for Thursday 6th August. The course seems to be renamed to the new owner. We noticed that the course was in perfect condition, probably the work of the new owner. It was a nice day again with good weather and we enjoyed our game very much.

It was the farewell game of the Garvey’s. They stayed more than a half year with us and we enjoyed their company very much. Hopefully they will return next year.


Rosaleen Garvey is the only lady in our group. I think she wanted to impress with her last game and she was successful, winning with 38 Stableford points. Second was Dave Smith with 36 points, while Dan Garvey finished third with 35 points, beating Jonathan Pratt on the count back.

The near pins were won by Ty Anderson, Jonathan Pratt and Dave Smith.