Pattaya Cricket Club (PCC) v Lord of the Beers (LOTB)

Jainish of PCC bowls to Aman of LOTB.

Season 3, Round 1 of the Pattaya-RST Indoor Cricket League – 26 Oct 2020

Round 1 of the Pattaya-Rugby School Thailand Indoor Cricket League was played in the old sports hall at Rugby School Thailand as the new one is not ready. Six teams (RST Cobras, Pythons and Vipers), PCC, LOTB and Warriors will play a series of six matches on Mondays. The rules were the same as previous series, except that 3 runs would be awarded for wides and no-balls. 10 points would be awarded for a win and bonuses for batting (1/wicket) and bowling (1/10 runs) could be accrued.

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PCC won the toss and chose to bat. Janish, a hero of the Koh Chang tournament, and Venkat opened for PCC and Aman opened the bowling. Aman started an early slaughter with Jainish getting an inside edge onto the stumps; Venkat repeated the same shot and then got himself run out with a gentle saunter up the wicket when a sprint was required. 3 wickets for 3 runs in the first over. Jajas continued the carnage by bowling Jainish and Venkat was caught at mid-on, but they added 10 runs. Harvey was not to be out-done. He gave away 9 runs but Venkat ran himself out with another lead footed saunter. I think lighter shoes and some sprint training is in order. 3 overs and minus 8 for 6.

Bernard Lamprecht and Wesley Masterton were next up. Molin kept things tight with 3 dot balls. Ricky gave 13 off his over but Bernard was caught at extra cover and Wes was run out via a yes, no, sorry, oops fiasco. Aman returned and caused more havoc. Wes was caught and Bernard was bowled off the last 2 balls. PCC 0 for 10 off 6 overs!

The cavalry arrived in the form of Luke Stokes and Matt Harkness. They managed to preserve their wickets and added 43 without loss from some good running.

LOTB were never under any pressure. Sajan and Aman faced Jainish, whose right arm went all wobbly and bowled mainly wides. Venkat and Bernard were difficult to hit away but 17 wides had been awarded from 29 – a theme that continued through the innings. 29 for 0 off 3 overs.

Gaurav and Ricky had more success with the bat, scoring 21, but Gaurav was bowled first ball by Matt and Ricky was run out by Luke. Plenty of extras pushed the score onto 64 for 2 after 6 overs.

Harvey and Molin took the last 3 overs but PCC were not giving up. Venkat’s arm suffered some wobblyitis and gave away 17 extras. Bernard gave away 15 and Matt had a storming last over by taking 3 wickets for 4 runs; Harvey LBW, Molin was caught by Jainish and Harvey was run out off the last ball. They added 22 from the bat and 20 from extras. LOTB finished on 91 for 5 and won by 48 runs. PCC had given away 61 in extras! Not a good start to the competition.

Other matches on the night were RST Vipers v RST Cobras, Vipers won by 14 runs, and RST Pythons v Warriors, Pythons won by 44 runs.