Odds and Ends – May 11, 2018 – May 17, 2018

(Craig Michaud via AP)
(Craig Michaud via AP)

2 men use signs to spread happiness

Nashua, N.H. (AP) – Two New Hampshire men are trying to spread some positivity in Nashua with their feel-good signs. NH1 reports Greg Amaral and Wendell Walker have stood in downtown Nashua with signs carrying positive messages each weekend since Easter Sunday. They say their goal is to encourage people to be happy and follow their dreams. Photographer Craig Michaud shared a picture of the pair on Facebook. Michaud tagged Mayor Jim Donchess, who later shared the post on his page. Donchess appreciates Amaral and Walker’s campaign. He says they’re helping Nashua become “a city of kindness.” Amaral says they’ve seen “an outpouring of beautiful people” since they started their mission. The duo welcomes anyone who would like to join them.

50 Shades of Neustadt? Germans’ bondage prompts false alarm

Berlin (AP) – German police say they rushed to an apartment in the southwestern town of Neustadt after receiving a call about suspected domestic abuse – only to barge in on a voluntary class on Japanese bondage. Neustadt police said Thursday a concerned neighbor called to report that two men were abusing a half-naked woman in a nearby apartment. When police arrived they instead found the tenant, a teacher of Japanese Shibari, instructing a couple in the basics of erotic bondage. In a statement headlined “Fifty Shades of Neustadt,” police said “the couple was well and in a good mood” when they inquired about their situation Wednesday night. They even offered to have the officers participate in the class, but the police politely declined.

0.5K charity road race in Texas starts
and ends with a beer

Boerne, Texas (AP) – So many people have registered for a very short road race near San Antonio that no other “underachievers” are allowed to enroll. The first Boerne (BER’-nee) 0.5K took place May 5 in the city of the same name. Organizers say their city permit won’t allow more than 100 “fellow underachievers” on the 546-yard (499-meter) course. Race entry costs $25. The event is raising funds for Blessings in a Backpack, which provides foods at the weekend for underprivileged children. There’s also a VIP option: For big shots not wishing to expend any energy, a 1963 Volkswagen bus will transport them the length of the course for an extra $25. A couple of brewpubs are sponsoring the event, and participants will get free beer at the start and finish lines.

Airline passenger fined after
keeping free airline apple

Denver (AP) – The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol has fined a woman $500 for not declaring she was bringing a free apple into the U.S. that she received on her Delta Air Lines flight from Paris. Crystal Tadlock tells KDVR-TV in Denver that flight attendants had passed out the apples and she placed it in her carry-on to save for her flight from Minneapolis to Denver. Her bag was randomly searched by Customs. Tadlock says the agent asked her if her trip to France was expensive and when she said yes he told her it was about to get more expensive after charging her $500. Delta says it recommends all passengers comply with Customs regulations. Customs declaration forms ask passengers if they are bringing any fruits or vegetables into the country.

German cops nab pair with 130 pounds
of stolen chocolate

Berlin (AP) – Two people are under investigation in Germany after being caught in possession of some 60 kilograms (130 pounds) of stolen chocolate. Braunschweig police said Thursday a 35-year-old woman was nabbed by an alert cashier at a supermarket on Tuesday as she checked out only a few items but had 9 kilograms (about 20 pounds) of purloined chocolate concealed under her floor-length skirt. Upon further investigation, police found another 50 kilograms of chocolate bars, boxes of chocolates and other confectionery stashed in five bags with her 39-year-old accomplice in a car outside. Police say “even for those with a high affinity for chocolate the amount of candy found could not be considered for personal use.” The two are under investigation for commercial shoplifting. Officers have confiscated the sweets.