Moxey keeps on keeping on in Pattaya

Steve Moxey wins again!

PSC Links Golf Society
Thursday, Dec. 10

Now that he has found that elusive best form, ‘Moxey’ keeps on finding more of it.

On a less than pristine golf course, he took the initiative and racked up 39 points to record his second win on the trot and third in the space of 10 days, and four more points than Tuesday’s win.
George Mueller, who has become a bit of a golf journeyman, placed second at our previous visit here and filled that position today, and he too had a few extra points. This time he came very close with a solid 38 points.

As we had only seven players out today, just the two placings counted, unfortunately.

Winners at Emerald

1st Place – Steve Moxey (13) – 39 pts
2nd Place – George Mueller (14) – 38 pts

Emerald, under the new management is certainly improving, but it can’t be done overnight.

The fairways have a lot of grass needing some mowing, and even though we played lift, clean and place, there were some players who found it difficult, and, of course, there is still some heavy rough.

However, the greens which, in past visits have been heavily sanded, have now absorbed that and run nicely, albeit a fair bit slower than Bangpra on Tuesday, as we would expect.

The weather at this time of year is so pleasantly cooler which makes for a comfortable day of golf.

As this day was declared another Public Holiday, we were prepared for the higher holiday pricing. However, once again, Emerald management decided not to impose the extra charge and gave us the regular price of 1150 baht all-in.