Mott the Dog: A Roundup of New Releases in early 2022


A quick round up of some of the New Releases in the first few months of 2022. Some Excellent – Some not so much.

The Zealot Gene
– 5 Stars

Starting with Jethro Tull’s latest release, at first I thought Ian Anderson releasing an album of all original material under the Jethro Tull banner was just a bit of a publicity gimmick. But no, it’s a great album. Jethro Tull’s 22nd and their best since Songs From The Wood in 1977.

Jethro Tull- The Zealot Gene. There is no actual person called Jethro Tull in the band. The man in the picture is Ian Anderson.

Boris – W
– 5 Stars

From Japan comes the band Boris’s 27th album W. A wonderful blend of chaotic electronic swirls and brain damaging guitar riffs.

Confused by the Cover? Wait till you hear the music.

Big Big Train – Welcome to the Planet
– 2 Stars

For all you lovers of Soft Progressive Rock, the rather large train keeps on trundling down its singular track.

Big Big Train keep on politely going around the planet making introductions.

Temperance Movement – Caught on Stage, Live and Acoustic
– 2 Stars

Scraping the recordings from the studio floor dry from a once fine band. One for dedicated fans only.

The Temperance Movement. Caught on Stage. Only occasionally smouldering.

Eldovar – A Story of Dark and Light
– 5 Stars

When the two bands Elder and Kadavar found their combined tour cancelled in 2019 because of the world pandemic, they simply moved into a studio together and recorded this album under the name Eldovar. Magnificent it is too, exploring the outer regions of rock music with exhilarating results.

Eldovar. Perhaps just the start of combining these two excellent bands.

Steve Vai – Inviolate
– 4 Stars

Steve Vai brings us his 10th Studio album Inviolate. Perhaps his most accessible ever, still showing off his remarkable guitar technique.

Steve Vai – Inviolate. Blindfolded Steve Vai is still the master of any guitar.

Saxon – Carpe Diem
– 5 Stars

Keeping the New Wave of British Heavy Metal on the boil is Saxon’s 24th Studio album Carpe Diem. Biff Byford still brings the fans to mass hysteria with his rally calls to the faithful. Stirring stuff.

Saxon’s Carpe Diem. This idyllic scene will soon change to Pillage once Saxon arrive.

Eric Gales – The Crown
– 4 Stars

Rounding out Eric Gales’ redemption coming back from substance abuse and internment. Joe Bonamassa has produced a good album for his friend completing the cycle.

Eric Gales with Crown is back where he belongs at the top of the guitar player pile.

Exodus – Persona Non Grata
– 5 Stars

Finally we have Exodus dragging us brutally to Persona Non Grata. The most extreme Thrash Heavy Metal so far this year. Head Bangers of the world unite.

Exodus – Persona Non Grata. You either get it or you don’t. The album cover speaks volumes.

Words by Mott the Dog from the Dog House on the Darkside.

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