Monsoon turns golf course into Pattaya delta


PSC Billabong Golf

Friday, 16th Oct Burapha Stableford
We played a composite course at Burapha Friday and nearly made it round. Well, we got 17 holes in, then fled a storm back to the clubhouse. I have been here in Thailand for nearly 20 years and have played this course for most of those years and have built a lasting friendship with the management and staff over that time, to see the course in its present condition is a tragedy to say the least. Whilst Mike and his staff can’t control the weather, what the greens staff are doing is the best possible under the conditions that they are having to work in. When driving out of the course, both A and C nines looked like the Mekong Delta. You could only see bits of greenery here and there, so I guess what I’m trying to say is there is no way normal mowing will be done in the next foreseeable future to make this course up to the standard that we expect. I think the greens staff should be commended for their diligence.

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Now we did have one group of intrepid golfers stay out there and finish, although I don’t know how, but Gerard Lambert scored 32 points and took second. His good friend Thiery Petrement scored 37 points to take the top spot.