Jonathan and Dave’s week

Jonathan Pratt and Dave Smith enjoyed their friendly battles on the golf course this past week.

PSC Golf from Siam Country Resort Pattaya

On Tuesday 20th October we went to the Emerald. The course was in good condition with good greens., although the rough really deep and you should not be there. It was an overcast day and not too warm, making it a nice day for our competition.

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The exciting battle between Jonathan Pratt and Dave Smith came down to the last hole. Jonathan needed just 1 point more than Dave to beat him on a countback, and he was successful. Both had 35 Stableford points.

The near pins went to Jonathan Pratt and Mashi Kaneta.

The Siam Country Resort Pattaya group played the B & C loop at Pattana on Thursday, 22nd October. Starting on the B loop is always challenging at Pattana, with the water on both sides of the fairway. The course was in good condition with only some wet spots. The greens were true, but the rough again was deep and difficult. Many of us had problems achieving a reasonable score. The weather was sunny with a nice cool breeze.

Jonathan Pratt was again the man of the day, winning with 34 Stableford points. Dave Smith was again the runner up with 31 points. He could have been the winner if his putting was a little bit better.

Near pins: Dave Smith, Paul Davies and Stan Rees.