Huw Phillips wins a close finish in Pattaya

Winner, Huw Phillips, wearing a Green Jacket from an earlier time.

PSC Links Golf Society

Wednesday, Sept. 9

When you walk to the first tee at Bangpra and see the ninth green to the right and the practice green ahead, both looking in magnificent condition, and then looking at the well-grassed fairways stretching out on the tenth and first, you know you are in for a very good day.

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The greens were the big talking point after the round as they were near perfect and even those who did not score well noted how good the entire course was.

Not only that, but a terrific sports day price of 1450 baht all in, an early start, and some nice breezes throughout the day. The only thing better would be a good score.

Huw Phillips did that, scoring 38 points to take top spot. A fine score on a course not renowned for high Stableford scores, even considering the beautiful conditions.

Bridesmaid, Bill Copeland, has scored 37 points for second place to finally outdo his mate and playing partner, Wayne.

When Tom Herrington gets into the zone, he can make a lot of points, and this time it was 36 points and third place.

From the same group as Huw, Tony Browne had ‘best front nine’ with 20 points and Martin Patch won a four-way countback for ‘best back nine’ with 17 points.


Winners at Bangpra

1st Place – Huw Phillips (12) – 38 pts

2nd Place – Bill Copeland (14) – 37 pts

3rd Place – Tom Herrington (19) – 36 pts

Best Front Nine (non winners) – Tony Browne – 20 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners) – Martin Patch – 17 pts c/back

It must be ‘baby season’ for the monkeys as mothers and babies were out in force, and the usual attempted robberies from our 13 players and some caddies, with a number of successes for the monkeys. We never learn!

A couple of players said after the round that they wish they could come back here again soon, such was the condition of the course. We hope you can keep it up, Bangpra.