Hawklords – Time – 5 Stars

The Hawklords go completely round the bend and off into the heavens.

This is the Hawklords 10th album in ten years.

It’s a masterpiece of its kind.

Hawklords have always been a spinoff, younger version of the mothership Hawkwind. But with the release of this album, the space rock apprentices, Hawklords have usurped the mothership.

Time is a concept album scratching at the surface of, well, Time really.

Recorded under lockdown conditions, which at least allowed these Krazy Katz (sic) to concentrate on matters in hand. This they have done with inspiring passion. The band themselves describe this very fine collection of music as “Observations of life, seen through the prism of Time.” You have to be pretty out there in the first place to understand that anyway.

The album is presently going like a rocket up the British charts and hopefully will bring them the recognition they deserve and break them out into the mainstream.

Unlike Hawkwind, this band stays remarkably stable in lineup, with friends and musicians making guest appearances rather than disturbing the lineup.

Dave Pearce, the Hawklord of Thunder preparing himself for another assault after removing his spacesuit.

On this album we have former Hawkwinder and ex-member of the Hawklords, Space Trooper Adrian Shaw popping up playing bass on the aptly titled “Take Off Your Mask.” Plus, lacing the album nicely, playing freaky saxophone and flute is Chris ‘Beebe’ Aldridge. All adding to the spaced-out sounds.

Although a concept album, each song can be listened to as a separate item, but the album is far better listened to in full. Put your headphones on and drift off out there.

In part, the band rock on some songs. “To The New Age” is filthy, driven along on a thundering bass line, whilst others wallow in space with great effect.

The album opens up with the band flat out engaging “Warp 11.” The rhythm section grabs you by the scruff of the neck, forcing you to pay attention. Bassist Tom Ashurst is far more dominant (loud) and dexterous than he has been on previous adventures, giving the band the necessary bottom end required for this sort of thing.

Jerry Richards and Tom Ashurst blast it out live. Interstellar chaos indeed.

Drummer Dave Pearce really comes into his own, thrashing away on the rockers, adding a deft touch on the drifting space riffs. Fred (Dead Fred) Reeves excels himself driving from the keyboard seat, rocking out on the up-tempo numbers and taking you into the heavens on the more galactic passages. Even surprising the world on closing piece, “Turn You On” (Dead Fred Hard Dance Remix), a song that would fit in wonderfully well at our beloved leading Pattaya nightclub, Insomnia.

Leading the mission is Jerry Richards on wacky guitar and vocals, the Hawklords resident alien.

As the guitar crushes through on opening song, “Speed Of Sound,” to hear Mr. Richards going through the count up of “Mach Speeds” is a pure adrenaline rush. The guitar solo at the end is wack.

Fred Reeve, a.k.a. Dead Fred, keyboard player with Hawklords, gives a massive thumbs up to Time.

So plenty of rockers, and alternately, almost every other track is very spacey, never quite letting you settle. “Lighthouse at the Edge of the World” and “Obscura” are going to blow a few minds when taken out on flights across the galaxy.

Time is a sci-fi fantasy down the rabbit hole full of surprises and instantly beams you aboard.

The package is completed by stunning artwork from British graphic designer Martin Cook.

Flight logs compiled by Mott the Dog, Brian Tawn and Hells Bells.

Photos by Brian Tawn.

Artwork for the journey into Time.
Tom Ashurst – Hawklords’ Lord of the Rumble and all those supersonic low-end thrusters.

Jerry Richards, Hawklords resident alien, wacky guitarist, grateful hippie, and lighthouse (leading light) finds all the humans very amusing.
Tom and Dave, one of the greatest rhythm sections in Rock, lock into warp factor eleven.

Tom Ashurst keeping it real whilst driving the Hawklords forward.
Sometimes even gingers need to put the pedal down and let rip into space.