Government ready to tackle biodiversity issue

The PM called on all nations to protect biodiversity for future generations.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha made a statement at Leader Dialogue 1 of the Summit on Biodiversity teleconference, signaling Thailand’s intent to tackle all the issues surrounding biodiversity.

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The PM assured participants that Thailand is aware of the decline in biodiversity, resulting from climate change, and acknowledged that it poses a major challenge. He proposed three areas in which environmental issues can be addressed. The first is through policies that protect, preserve, rehabilitate and utilize natural resources appropriately. He pointed out that such policies should be written into the charter and master plans, leading to actions aligned with relevant treaties.

The second is stakeholder engagement, encompassing private and civil groups. He called for integration between agencies at all levels, in support of sustainability, and noted that the COVID-19 situation has revealed that human distancing allows for recovery. He pointed out that the government plans to close down national forests for three months each year, to allow for rejuvenation.


The third area emphasized by the PM was Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG), which is aimed at fair distribution of revenue and equal access to natural resources, while also promoting harmonious existence with nature. The PM assured Thailand will do its utmost and called on all nations to protect biodiversity for future generations. (NNT)