Dave Maw beats “The Comb” in a countback

(L to R) Keith Buchanan, Monday’s winner Dave Maw, and Mashi Kaneta.
(L to R) Keith Buchanan, Monday’s winner Dave Maw, and Mashi Kaneta.

PSC Growling Swan Golf played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill.”

Mon. Jan 24 Mt Shadow G.C. Stableford

Fourteen golfers Monday chanced their luck and were prepared to take on Mt Shadow Golf Course. Numbers are still down but are better than what we have been experiencing over this High Season.

The course as it played was in good nic, but in places very dry – actually you would say barren – with little grass if any. It’s a shame but it appears that they are paying the price by not keeping the water up to it. That is now 2 courses that we need to revue as we are down to play them in Feb. Cannot understand why they do this, it will eventually cost them money.

Weather was good to us but we are getting closer to what is the hot part of the year and the rain season appears to have passed us over.

Monday we played one flight only, three placings and again we did include all the novelties.

Four golfers sorted out by two countbacks finally gave us the three placings on the podium that were up for grabs. Dave Maw came home with a strong back nine giving him first place with 35 points. He tipped out Keith Buchanan who ended up finishing second. Mashi Kaneta and Greg Jones were next to face the judges (both up for 3rd spot with the same score), and it was Mashi that got the nod to take 3rd place with Greg Jones an unlucky fourth.

Winners from Mt Shadow GC.

1st Dave Maw (18) 35 pts.

2nd Keith Buchanan (14) 35 pts.

3rd Mashi Kaneta (16) 32 pts.

Near pins: #5 Ken Grimes, #8 Bill Steinmann, #13 Dave Maw, & #17 Still Waiting.

Long first putt: #9 Mashi Kaneta & #18 Robbie Taylor.