Thai Garden Resort returns with toys to Tungklom-Talman School


Management from the Thai Garden Resort returned to Tungklom-Talman School to deliver another bounty load from the Pattaya hotel’s “Toys for Joy” campaign.

Hotel manager Danilo Becker and employees handed out toys to children Feb. 12, two weeks after the hotel crew arrived there to distribute 60,000 baht in shoes, socks, and school supplies.

The group picture shows only happy faces.

The hotel initially had held off on toys to deliver necessities to the poorest students.

The benefactors were warmly welcomed by the school’s principal and pupils, who also got some sweets from the visitors.

The “Toys for Joy” project of the Thai Garden Resort is already in its eighth year and will be continued.

The team of the Thai Garden Resort with hotel manager Danilo Becker (far left) are welcomed in the teachers meeting room.

The children receive their gifts from the employees of the Thai Garden Resort.