TFI and Pattaya Sports Club combine to help families in need


There are many families living in and around Pattaya who have to resort to scavenging around waste bins and rubbish tips collecting plastic bottles, rags, newspapers and anything else that can be passed on to earn just a few hundred baht per week.

Not only is food scarce but they are often unable to buy the full set of school uniforms for their children which can lead to bullying by others in the school. There is every possibility that you will not see where they live, for they are normally situated along small, unmade sois just off a busy main road hidden from passing motorists.

The mayor, family and Paul.The mayor, family and Paul.

With the help of Mow and her welfare team at Nongprue City Hall, 3 such families benefitted this week in the Nongprue area by the combined efforts of the newly formed Thai Farang Initiative and Pattaya Sports Club. Paul Strachan, Nigel Quennell and friends have formed the TFI to raise funds by arranging social events every 6-8 weeks, to help families such as those that we visited and needed our help.

Paul has found a new friend.Paul has found a new friend.

Lionchai had a bad accident, has restricted movement and needed some repairs to his sidecar to be able to sell cooked items at the local market to support his wife and three children.  Pornsiri has had a foot amputated and has to look for waste products to earn funds to support the family. Penjun is a disabled lady, unable to move from her bed 24/7. Her son is also disabled and their income is negligible. School uniforms were purchased for the children, the motorcycle was repaired and some basic food requirements were handed out.

The mayor thanks TFI and PSC.The mayor thanks TFI and PSC.

It is always a pleasure working with Nongprue, for Mayor Mai Chaiyanit makes room in his busy schedule to be present on these occasions, as are many from City Hall, appreciating anything that can be done to ease the problems experienced by the underprivileged.  Also present were representatives of TFI and PSC.



Motorcycle ready to go.Motorcycle ready to go.