[email protected] offers a taste of Chilean wines


The [email protected] Design Hotel gave its guests a taste of South America with a Chilean wine-tasting night in its 24th-floor Sky Bar.

Independent Wine & Spirits Thailand Co. brought its selection of imports to the Pattaya hotel Feb. 27 with assistant marketing and retail manager Andrea Picello offering a large variety of both reds and whites.

Unlike most other wine experiences, [email protected] served particular dishes and nibbles to pair the wines, instead of a buffet. Guests were well looked after by Phumpich Dabbaransri, the marketing communication manager.

Phumpich Dabbaransri, marketing communication and PR manager of the [email protected] Design Hotel chats with Andrea Picello, assistant marketing and retail manager of IWS Thailand.

The evening kicked off with the Sunrise-Sauvignon Blanc 2014, paired with smoked salmon with sour cream dill and cucumber. A great starter drink and definitely a treat for those who like white wines, and pairs great with any rich fish, shellfish and vegetarian dishes.

Next up was the Reservado-Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, a rich red that might satisfy those who are into bolder-tasting wines. It went well with the goat cheese and grilled pepper on toast that came with it, but it is also a great pair for any beef, lamb, spicy food and poultry dishes.

Andrea Picello, assistant marketing and retail manager of IWS Thailand gave insight into the wines they were offering that night.

This next up was the Sunrise-Merlot. This is one of the fruity wines, full of lovely cherry notes and very easy to drink. It came along with grilled scallops with fish eggs and basil sauce and also pairs well with pasta dishes as well as many meat/poultry dishes.

They then came out with another white, the Frontera-Chardonnay 2014. As most of the guests were Thai that night, it paired very well with the spicy prawn skewers and cocktail sauce that they had to offer. It had a very light body and had a touch of lemon peel in the finish. It also pairs well with a variety of dishes including pork, rich fish, vegetarian and poultry.

The Sky Bar at [email protected] provides a magnificent view of the Pattaya Skyline.

As the night carried on, they offered even more wines including the Frontera-Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, the Sendero-Sauvignon Blanc 2015, the Sendero-Merlot 2015 and the Reservado-Chardonnay 2015, along with a variety of tasty nibbles.