Rotarian Schlag celebrates 70th birthday


German Ambassador Rolf Schulze joined about 100 others to celebrate the 70th birthday of Rotarian Juergen Schlag in Jomtien Beach.

The Nov. 8 party at the View Talay Marina drew German royalty and friends and family flown in from Germany.

Schulze and his wife Petronella were joined by German business association president Hans Habermehl, His Royal Highness Prince Ruediger von Sachsen, and Burkhard Pieper von Aderkas, former director of Derwentdale Co.

Birthday boy: Jurgen Schlag.Birthday boy: Jurgen Schlag.

Volker Fischer, chairman of Polypharm Pharmaceutical Bangkok and Schlag’s wife Ingeborg made speeches punctuated by tongue-in-cheek disclosures of Juergen’s secrets.

All the guests were welcomed by a group of beautiful candle-holding dancers. They entered a well-decorated tent to watch a show of “Khoon Children” about King Rama and the demon Totsakan.

Ingo Raeuber, general manager of the Pinnacle Hotel Group, and Pattaya Mail Publishing’s Managing Director Peter Malhotra served as emcees. Amfolks, a group of artists, played modern pop music on traditional Thai instruments. The Quintett Trix o’Treat followed with pop and jazz from the 50s.

Juergen welcomed the guests and said that he was happy to see so many of his friends together. He also mentioned that his good friend Gerrit Niehaus, the owner of Thai Garden Resort, and his wife Anselma convinced him and Ingeborg to move to Pattaya, a move he has never regretted.

Ingeborg Schlag confesses: I love you, Jurgen.Ingeborg Schlag confesses: I love you, Jurgen.

(From left) Ingo Raeuber, Ingeborg and Jurgen Schlag.(From left) Ingo Raeuber, Ingeborg and Jurgen Schlag.