Richmond readies for Free Food Friday in Pattaya-Jomtien

Left to Right: Suthatip Cross, Steve Horner, Paul Cross, Dehas Jan, and Pa Pa take a moment to pose for posterity.

It’s dwindled down now to the same faces who go to Makro every week to load their truck with food ready for Friday, as was the case Monday 18th January.

However, this week was different. Paul Cross met with the Makro manager to explain what they were doing, “I tried my best to get us a better deal on the food,” Paul said, “but without luck. Apologies to Thai people. I did try my best so we could have some more free bags of food for Friday.”

Once the truck is loaded, it’s back to the bar where the girls are on standby to make up the bags. They have a great system going and can make up 800 bags very quickly.

People who have been lucky to live or holiday here donate from all around the world. “We know it’s our time to give something back to the Thai people, and we have, and will continue,” Paul expressed.

Charity is a very personal and individual thing. “I have been lucky to be involved with Free Food Friday,” Paul said, “something I will never forget. It was a great idea from Russell East, and I was in the right place to help make it happen with him. The Richmond family plans to keep it going, and never give up.

Paul, Dehas and Pa Pa get a little help from the parking attendant.

“It’s really difficult to put into words the thanks to so many people. But a special mention must go to Dan and Peter from Pattaya Mail, who have been 100% behind us and helped us in every possible way.

“The Richmond has been closed so many weeks now, the same as everybody else, and the times are hard. We are all hoping for some good news soon.

“Thailand will come back.”

Steve and Paul load up the truck.

Dehas, Pa Pa and Steve take a breather after emptying the carts.