Growling Swan & Pattaya Sports Club combine their efforts


It is 33 degrees with humidity in the mid-80s, not an unusual situation in Pattaya. There are 1800 children in school No. 9 and, when not in the classroom, they are running around expending energy like it went out of fashion.

The one thing they need right now is a cool glass of clean drinking water but, as you can see from the photograph, there is often a rush to have some refreshment. It does not help when the filtration system is old and gone past its sell by date, breaking down with monotonous regularity.

There is always a rush for the water.There is always a rush for the water.

Water is essential to maintain a healthy body, has so many benefits and it is said that we should drink 2 litres of water per day. It is essential that everyone has access to clean drinking water but particularly for children just developing into adults for it is far too easy to drink less than the recommended amount and suffer dehydration.

The new filters are in place.The new filters are in place.

The Growling Swan has been raising money for the underprivileged since they opened in Soi Chaiyapoon with a system of fines for almost anything, being late, putting a golf ball in the water, spilling their beer (unheard of surely) and many more. Deefa the Dog is passed around for fines to be paid but there is no objection from the members for it is all in a good cause. When the Growling Swan approached Pattaya Sports Club with funds that had been collected at the same time as School No.9 wanted help with the filter system, the timing could not have been better.

The children are happy - an endless supply of water.The children are happy – an endless supply of water.

A quick inspection of the existing antiquated system confirmed the need for an upgrade as soon as possible. A quotation for replacement filters was obtained, the balance agreed upon by the PSC Committee and installation was only a week away. It is now functioning perfectly, the old filter consigned to the museum and the children no longer have to hope that water is available.

Peter and Peter from the Growling Swan.Peter and Peter from the Growling Swan.