Green Pattaya with Thai Chinese International School cleans Pratamnak Hill


In the morning of the 20th September, 140 volunteer cleaners, namely 60 students from the Thai Chinese International School in Bangkok, 20 Children from Father Ray Foundation, 15 Tourist Police volunteers, 20 staff from a local newspaper, 15 staff from the Nova group, 5 staff from Premier Environmental Solutions, along with a big number of volunteers, members of Rotary and various media present.

This was the 20th cleaning by Green Pattaya and to celebrate, the cleaning was extended from the bottom of Pratamnak Road with the bus park nearby, down Rajchawaroon Road on the other side of the hill, ending at a cleaning on Cosy Beach. A small group also cleaned the children’s playground from cigarette butts and the walkways inside Queen Sirikit Park.

The cleaning crew takes a break after a hard day’s work picking up trash, discarded by inconsiderate people, around Pratamnak Hill.The cleaning crew takes a break after a hard day’s work picking up trash, discarded by inconsiderate people, around Pratamnak Hill.

The Pattaya Tourist police made sure the children were safe from traffic but also helped clean the bus park. A report will be made to Pattaya City Hall to make sure the bus drivers keep the area clean and not dump their rubbish while using the parking.

Rajchawaroon Road is sadly heavily polluted and a number of unofficial dumping places are found along the roads. The cleaners did their best to clean; however, old “promotion boards”along with huge piles of rubbish made the work very hard. A complaint will be made to Pattaya City Hall to make companies that use the area for signs also take the signs down. Another problem is that City Hall are not allowed, even if willing, to clean on private land.

The end of the cleaning, Cosy Beach still has an unofficial water fall due to a broken pump and the three nonfunctional boats used as flower pots. This part of the beach is still used as a dumping ground but after 5 cleanings from Green Pattaya the beach is getting better.

All together two trucks of rubbish were collected and brought back to the tourist police station where Premier Environmental Solutions used their portable incinerator to burn all 2000 kilograms of rubbish, leaving a small bag of ash. Everybody present was very impressed.

Main sponsor was Thai Chinese International School in Bangkok and they donated 500 baht for future projects. Kingdom Property made sure everybody had water to drink during the cleaning and Premier Environmental Solutions provide their portable incinerator along with caps to the children. From the city, Pattaya City Hall provided cleaners and Pattaya Tourist Police provided security.

There is a number of cleanings planned with different schools in the near future and special projects are underway with Premier Environmental Solutions to get rid of rubbish piles around Pattaya. Please contact Green Pattaya if you want to help. Green Pattaya is a project by Rotary E-Club of the Carolinas.

The next official cleaning will be on 8 November 09.00 – location to be announced soon. Partners are If you want to sponsor, join or help us in any other way please get in contact [email protected]