Green Pattaya fourth monthly Clean up Big Buddha Hill 6 July 2013


It was time for the Green Pattaya to take on Big Buddha Hill one more time. As usual City Hall lent a helping hand and people from all different groups came to help us clean this neglected part of the temple park. The decision to visit Big Buddha again was driven by the success of the second clean up at the Cosy Beach that even now almost a month after the cleaning is spotless.

At midday people from the Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard came to erect tents in the park and they were visited by KOTO (Keeper of the Ocean) a Pattaya personality and longtime environmental activist. He started to feed the local cats and dogs and they were mighty happy to see him. Green Pattaya will probably return the favor and help KOTO clean Jomtien Beach.

Local lassies help clean up Buddha Hill. (Photo by Aliona Mikhaylova)Local lassies help clean up Buddha Hill. (Photo by Aliona Mikhaylova)

Pattaya City Hall, local guests and the media arrived and cleaning started as scheduled at 13.00. At 16.00 Pattaya City Hall said goodbye and took a full truck of garbage with them. Pattaya City Hall were made very aware by Green Pattaya of the issues in the park and they promised to come back to us very soon. City Hall Environmental Department together with Green Pattaya and RCES will put up bins around the park for a trial period. Almost all the foreign language media was represented at the clean up and many companies like Kingdom Property and Amazon Travel came to support the cleaning. You can find out more about Green Pattaya visiting

Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard handing over tents.Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard handing over tents.

Green Pattaya is a project by Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard and Rotarians present from RCES were President Nigel, Past President Jan, Neo, Paul, Maggie, Russell and honorary member Elfie. From Rotary Club Jomtien Pattaya President Graham.

Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard Donates Tents to Shelter Center Third Road Soi 11 7 July 2013

On Sunday 7th July, a team from Green Pattaya and Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard visited Nong at the Proposed Shelter Centre in Soi 11, 3rd Road. Shelter Center is to use this ground for their homeless centre. Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard (RCES) went to donate four big marquee style tents and erected these on the newly cleared land. RCES also donated shirts, water, food and a medical kit to Nong. Rotarians present were Neo, Russell and Paul.