German guests add spark to Thai Garden Resort New Year’s party


A German legislator and a magazine publisher were among the 250 guests when the Thai Garden Resort threw its annual New Year’s Eve party.

Celebrity Christoph Daum and his family, along with Bundestag member Thomas Strietzl, and “Feine Adressen” publisher Christof R. Sage and his wife were all guests of hotel owner Gerrit Niehaus and his wife Anselma for the holiday event.

Organized by General Manager Rene Pisters and hotel manager Danilo Becker, the party offered a large turkey buffet.

Entertainment included a troupe of Chinese acrobats who excited the crowd with their amazing feats.

Gerrit and Anselma Niehaus (both middle) flanked by two special guests, Christoph Daum (left) and Thomas Strietzl.

As midnight approached, glasses were filled with Champagne to welcome the New Year, while all around fireworks lit the night sky.

Angelica Daum brought a surprise from Germany: Lead, which was heated and poured into water. The forms that result are said to predict the fortune of the coming year, but the creations remained up for interpretation.

The party lasted into the wee hours of the morning.

Group picture (from left) Christoph Daum (sitting), behind him Bärbel Bahnmüller-Sage, Christof R. Sage, Elfi Seitz, Gerrit Niehaus (sitting), behind him Angelica Daum and Thomas Strietzl, and next to him Anselma Niehaus (sitting).

Gerrit Niehaus (far right) with a group of Italian friends.

General Manager Pisters with his wife Ploy welcome in the New Year with the good wishes of a Chinese lion.