Dogs are full of surprises


I’ve heard it said that Tika (our second rescue dog) is not that smart.

This may be due to everyone’s suspicion that she has rocks in her head, as we’ve witnessed her eating rocks, or at least gnawing on them.

However, Tika is a bit of a mystery, she exhibits moments of intelligence like when she is manipulating another dog, or stalking a lizard, she’s also very generous, always bringing a present to welcome a guest or just to say good morning.

She is also something of an artist, as I have seen her pile rocks or bones in strategic places, like footpaths or in front of the kitchen door. At first, I thought this was a coincidence, but now I realize there is more to this.

Perhaps these are offerings to the kitchen from whence her meals come from?

Or they are small monoliths praising the chef?

In any case they are becoming more and more interesting, as she adds sponges, shoes and, to my surprise one morning, a 100 baht note!

Good dog, keep that cash rolling in

Tika deserves 1st place.