Do you have what it takes?


Calling all cool, talented, beautiful and smart ladies who rock, to compete in Ms. Hard Rock Pattaya 2013

Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe Pattaya is the most happenin’ hotel in Pattaya since its opening 12 years ago. Its focus on music, entertainment, passion for life, warm and sincere service, and its credos Love All Serve All, All Is One, and Take Time To Be Kind and Save The Planet have made the hotel and cafe unique to the rest. Now, for 3rd year running, we’re looking for that someone that is unique and different to the rest in Ms. Hard Rock Pattaya 2013.

The previous event of Ms. Hard Rock Pattaya 2011 and 2012 was a huge success. All contestants enjoyed their time during the competition from the selection round till the final, and all have become our friends a well as our raving fans.

The winner and finalists of Ms. Hard Rock Pattaya 2012.The winner and finalists of Ms. Hard Rock Pattaya 2012.

This year, Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe Pattaya opens up this challenge again to all females with Thai nationality, aged 20 and above, who possess self-confidence, talent, the look, and music knowledge to compete for the title of Ms. Hard Rock Pattaya 2013.

The winners will also represent Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe Pattaya in many of its interesting initiatives and events throughout the year; for instance, hosting and MC’ing in live music concerts, festivals, and a myriad of community and charity events, as well as paid-sessions as modeling talent in photo-shoots for advertising and bill-boards. They will be in effect, become ambassadors of Hard Rock Pattaya.

The winners also will be vying and competing internationally with Ms. Hard Rock Bali and Ms. Hard Rock Penang, for the title of Ms. Hard Rock Southeast Asia in October 2013, to be held at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya.

Last year, the total cash and prizes for the winner of Ms. Hard Rock Pattaya 2012 was worth THB124,700, for 1st Runner-up was THB97,700 and THB91,700 to the 2nd Runner-up.

Ms. Hard Rock Pattaya 2013 will take place on the weekend of 5-6 July 2013. The preliminary selection round is schedule on Friday, 5 July 2013 and the Final would be on Saturday, 6 July 2013.

The selected finalists will stay at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya on this weekend and the competing criteria are:

1. Your Rock T Style – Donning of Hard Rock Tees in your own unique style.

2. Talent and Music Knowledge – understanding and appreciation of music either pop, rock, jazz or you name it and English knowledge.

3. Your Own Rock Style – Your own dress style, attitude, knowledge and presentation.

4. Your beach style / swim wear- Confidence with poise.

5. Final Questions – Overall personality and knowledge.

Applications for Ms. Hard Rock Pattaya 213 are now open and end on 30 June 2013 via – Ms. Hard Rock Pattaya Events page only.

Shortlisted contestant will be contacted for registration and the selection process.  Terms and conditions apply.

For detailed information, visit or call Beach Club – Hard Rock hotel Pattaya at 038 428755-9.