Community service & a birthday cake


To honour the 87th birthday of His Majesty the King, forty students from the Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities took time off from their studies to perform community service in the local area behind Big C Xtra. In the mid morning heat they swept the small sois which the regular street cleaners seem to forget about, and by the time they finished there was not a plastic bag, cigarette end, food container or dog dropping to be seen.

While the students were sweeping the streets, members of the Chefs’ Association of Pattaya were arriving at the school to put together, as they do each year, Pattaya’s largest birthday cake.

Poramet receives a helping hand in cake decorating.Poramet receives a helping hand in cake decorating.

Each member chef baked a small square cake at their respective hotels and restaurants, which were then transported with care to the Father Ray Foundation where they were all put together to create one large cake.

Measuring one meter across and five meters in length, filled with cream and decorated with raisins, sprinkles and candied fruits, the waiting children and students were eager for a slice.

Once again the Chefs’ Association of Pattaya produced a wonderful cake.Once again the Chefs’ Association of Pattaya produced a wonderful cake.

Father Peter, President of the Father Ray Foundation, was on hand to welcome Poramet Ngampiches, former Member of Parliament for Chonburi, who was given the honour of cutting the first slice.

Upon returning to the school there was a large slice of cake waiting for the street sweepers and there was one word that was repeated often, ‘Aroy’, the local word for delicious.

Everyone agree that the cake was delicious.Everyone agree that the cake was delicious.

Thumbs up for the clean streets.Thumbs up for the clean streets.

The spotless sois of Soi Yume.The spotless sois of Soi Yume.