City Hall Announces Options for Preserving the Beach



This week at city hall, Mayor Ittipol Khunplome chaired a strategic planning meeting with research staff and several department officials regarding the erosion of Pattaya beach.


The mayor said that immediate action was needed as the beach was a main attraction for tourists.

The head of the research group Dr.Thanawat Jarupongsakul said after 6 months of study, it was estimated that about 10,000 cubic meters of sand has eroded away each year, the width of the beach had currently shrunk down to 5 meters. He said within the next 3 years, all parts of the beach will be vanished and visitors will have nowhere to sunbathe.

Options are heard and discussed at city hallOptions are heard and discussed at city hall

Dr. Thanawat suggested four solutions to remedy the situation. One is to build a wave break line, two is relocating a huge volume of sand from the sea bed to replenish the beach, three is sand refilling at north and south Pattaya parts of the shore to cope with the change of the wind direction, and the last option is refilling the sand at some locations under the sea to control the waves that hit the different spots of the shore to prevent further erosion.

Dr. Thanawat added that the research his team had done included a thorough study on oceanic and land geography, environmental impacts, meteorological and shore structure, and economical possibilities. The next step will be a public hearing.

There was no mention at the meeting of discussing the problem with other beach resorts around the world, who had had a similar problem to see what they had done to preserve their beaches and vital income.