Chinese acrobats kick up funds for Pattaya Orphanage


Chinese acrobatics again helped the Pattaya Orphanage raise funds for youth education at a charity performance.

The Xishui Acrobatic Troupe from Hubei province put on 16 acts over two hours Jan. 30, amazing the Thai and foreign audience with its show “The Power Of Wudang Quan Mount”, which is hailed as the world’s greatest acrobatic show featuring performers balancing on a unicycle on a tightrope; and “The Great And Mighty Girl”, which includes a troupe of females doing acrobatics, plate-spinning and lots of other interesting feats.

(L to R) Guests of honor: Emcee Fr. John Nuphan Thasmalee, Father Ray Foundation President Fr. Peter Pattarapong Sriworakul, Pattaya Orphanage Director Fr. Michael Weera Panrak, and the chairman of the event, Veerasilapha Tarasilapha.

All of the proceeds from the 200-baht-per-ticket performance, plus sales of food, beverages and souvenirs, went to the orphanage children’s education fund. In addition, before the curtain went up, show acrobat troupe sponsor Veerasilapha Tarasilapha, owner of the Tara Resort and Rue Mai Restaurant, came on stage to make his remarks receive a gift from orphanage Director Rev. Michael Weera Pangrak.