Bullies overtake Pattaya stadium; howls all around


Dog owners and fans of the “ultimate family companion” from around Asia turned out to the Eastern Indoor Sports Stadium for Pattaya’s third American Bully Show.

Organized by the Pit Bull Zone and Scuba Pit clubs, the May 22 show was aimed at showcasing canines bred from the American Pit Bull and American Staffordshire terriers.

Owners lead their prize pets around the ring for the judges to inspect.Owners lead their prize pets around the ring for the judges to inspect.

Events included a breed competition and pedigrees from well-known stalls throughout Thailand, shopping, shows and gift-giving. Additionally, there was a Miss Bully contest from a variety of camps, but the highlight of the event was Bully bidding to support southern disaster victims without any expenses deducted.  Ron Ramos of the American Bully Registry led a panel of U.S. judges.

The Bully arose on the east and west coast of the U.S., but now can be found in Europe and Asia. The Pattaya show allowed Thai dog farms to show off their stocks and be evaluated by American judges.

While the Bully’s lineage includes the aggressive, oft-maligned pit bull, it is, in fact, a very docile, friendly breed. It was created by American Kennel Club breeders to be the “ultimate family companion” and is known to be outgoing and eager to please.

An American Bully with Miss Bully winners.An American Bully with Miss Bully winners.