British expat treats orphans to pool day


A British expat treated 70 kids from the Ban Jing Jai orphanage to lunch and a day at the pool at his Pattaya home.

Colin Davis, 72, and his wife Sim, originally from Buriram, brought the children to their T.W. Home Town development June 21 for the fun day, one of several events a year he organizes for underprivileged children.

There was a large menu of ten food items, including cold drinks, fruit and ice cream, and a large inviting swimming pool for the orphans to splash around in.

Originally from the UK, Davis has been coming to Thailand for nearly 14 years. His wife runs a restaurant and they had two sons together.

Davis spends most his time playing golf and visiting friends upcountry. He, his friends and family often take kids out for the day and he says his rewards are the smiles of the children.

Colin Davis was happy to see kids are enjoying the pool.

“I have a very happy life here and it’s so nice to see the underprivileged kids enjoying their day out, as it doesn’t happen too often. It’s just nice to share some time with them, have a laugh and a good meal. It is also a great opportunity for the kids to come out and experience some fun out of the (orphanage),” he said. “The kids are all lovely and they deserve to be treated well.”

Davis thanked his friends for their support as well as those who didn’t attend, but supported the event with cash, food and ice cream.

The kids were happy playing in the pool, thanked Davis and his friends, and said they hoped to come back again.

“We hope we can play in a bigger water park next time, the Cartoon Network water park in Bang Saray,” said one child.

Sim Davis and friends prepared over 10 different dishes of food, ice cream and fruit for the children.

It’s not often that kind hearted people would come along and treat the kids to a day out, but the kids enjoyed every minute of that day.