An alternate look at the COVID-19 pandemic

PCEC Chairman Les Edmonds presents Board Member Richard Smith a lifetime membership in the PCEC in thanks for his contribution to the Club over the years.

The Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC) resumed their weekly meetings on Wednesday, September 30, at the Holiday Inn Pattaya. The PCEC had suspended their meetings since April 2020 because of the COVID restrictions.

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There have been some changes at the request of the Holiday Inn. One is that the meeting must be on a weekday and breakfast provided in their Café G rather than in the meeting room foyer, but a discounted price for meeting attendees. The PCEC now meets on Wednesday morning instead of Sunday. Also, several members had high praise for the quality and efficiency of service by the Café G staff.

Club member Kelvin Bamfield introduces his topic about the COVID-19 pandemic and his views on whether it was a result of a conspiracy or a natural event.

Club member Kelvin Bamfield gave an interesting presentation on his viewpoint about the COVID-19 pandemic entitled “Plannedemic! Do the conspiracy theorists have a point?”

He delved into whether COVID was a planned event, a sinister event by the governments of the world, or a general cock up as the English would say, or just an opportunity, a perfect storm to get some political agendas approved.

The COVID virus and its origins were presented by Kelvin based on his research and whistleblower information available under the freedom of information. To explain his view, he provided statistics from government authorities and information from immanent people. This included information about previous potential pandemics such as various types of flu (e.g. swine flu), HIV/AIDS, Ebola, etc. He provided slides showing how these epidemics were publicized to show expected high death rates around the world, but that actual experience was substantially less.

He then mentioned the financial impact of paying for COVID care, prevention, debts incurred by shutdowns, unemployment, and borrowing. He mentioned those that benefitted financially through the action of governments and others. This he followed up with the impact on the population’s mental health and being locked down for months and how all this will affect the future.

MC Ren Lexander presents Kelvin Bamfield with the PCEC’s Certificate of Appreciation for his interesting and informative views about the COVID-19 pandemic.

He concluded how all this reset the world and the economy, with its rising taxes, the mounting COVID bill being funded by printing or borrowing money, and the power of social media to shape now and the future.

Kelvin’s presentation was followed by local insurance broker Chamnong (Neng) Anusat-utai who provided information about the new COVID insurance available for those that need it to obtain a Certificate of Entry (COE) from a Thai Embassy or Consulate. The COE is required for anyone wishing to enter Thailand at this time.

This was followed by the Club’s Chairman, Les Edmonds, presenting Board Member Richard Smith a lifetime membership in the PCEC. He noted this was the Club’s thanks for his contribution over the years, including his service as a board member and officer and his financial support to keep the Club in existence in its early years.

Club Member Darrel Vaught also announced that the PCEC has a new website with a format that is much easier to navigate. Further, those who had bookmarked the old website’s location need not change, as using their bookmarked link will take them to the new location.

The meeting concluded with the usual Open Forum where questions can be asked or comments made about living in Thailand and Pattaya. For more information about the PCEC and their next meeting, visit