Year 12 IB students host cheese and wine evening


On Thursday 3rd September our new Year 12 IB students collaborated with St. Andrews staff and community to organise an event which brought together our all facets of our school community.

New parents along with our existing parents and staff were formally introduced to new staff members by Mr Harrison at an informal social gathering arranged and hosted by the IB students.

St. Andrews CAS Crew of Year 12s organized the entire event, led by Connor Bastien.St. Andrews CAS Crew of Year 12s organized the entire event, led by Connor Bastien.

The evening was a huge success!  The students learned to make a range of culinary masterpieces such as: a traditional Italian bruschetta, delicious and moreish papricka chicken, an assortment of dips including pea & mint and hommus as well as some very scrummy sesame honey sausages. On the evening there was a voluminous cascade of compliments about our handmade, delectable array of finger foods that had left everyone’s mouths watering for more.

As students we faced a litany of challenges prior to the evening as many of us had never cooked before or were even able to recognize some of the ingredients! Fortunately we had the support of Ms Randall, Mr Thorp and Ms McGlasson who guided us through the process of event planning.

Throughout the evening there was a spangled cast of performers including Jieun, Jenny, Gridj and Fun, all arranged by Mr Ramsay.

Thank you to Khun Manit, the faculty team and Khun Penny for supporting our endeavors. Thanks also to the Marriott, Rayong, and Tabasco Restaurant.

We are looking forward to seeing next year’s Year 12 students’ efforts at trying to improve upon what was a fabulous evening of introductions!