Intensive+ Programme created for English Beginners at Regents


Regents International School Pattaya has just launched a cutting-edge learning programme for children aged 7 to 11 who are new to English. Known as ‘Intensive +’, the programme is unique to the school. It is based on up-to-date research which recognises that it is hugely beneficial to integrate English beginners into real-world learning scenarios with their English mother-tongue peers in subjects like Music, Singing, Sport and ICT.

Assistant Head, Sara Berenguer, and Head of Primary EAL, Kaz Michalak are the architects of the new programme.

“Intensive+ sits in stark contrast to the traditional programmes which you find at most schools, in which children are withdrawn from their classes to be taught a completely separate curriculum,” notes Mr Michalak. “Those children may be learning English but they are doing so in such a way which makes it harder for them to integrate ultimately into the mainstream classroom.”

iPads prove an invaluable resource for teaching English to beginners.

The Regents team is already achieving considerable success with Intensive +, thanks to the efforts they have put into integrating students. However, it’s not the whole picture, says Sara Berenguer.

“Each lesson for students on Intensive+ is an adaptation of a mainstream lesson, but with a stronger focus on language building so that each child learns through English whilst being challenged academically. It’s not an either-or situation.”

Kaz Michalak leads an Intensive+ English lesson with two Regents’ students.

In addition, the EAL specialists at Regents aim to make the English lessons interesting and accessible, using proven techniques like ‘Talk for Writing’, cooperative learning, active punctuation and a strong emphasis on phonics. It’s also common-place to see digital devices such as iPads and Apple TVs in an Intensive+ class.

The school is hosting a workshop and demonstration of Intensive + for parents on Wednesday 14th October.  For more information contact the school on 0384 187 77.