Students and teachers sit Drama exams at GIS


Garden International School (GIS) students from Years 7 to 9 have taken a series of communication and drama examinations. Forty students and two teachers (Mr Ken and Ms Shiells) took these assessments.

LAMDA stands for the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts. It is an academy that gives you examination experiences and provides each and every learner with the skills and confidence to succeed in life. On the first day of tests, it was the communication exams, which were followed by the remaining communication exams and drama exams.

Some people who sat the examinations went on and performed their piece at the Music, Art and Drama (MAD) night at school, which received many complimentary comments from the audience.

Jignil Shah, one of the students who took part said, “It was an exciting experience and I would like to do this again next year.” Many of the students agreed with him and thought it was a useful experience and they would be honoured to take the exams at a higher grade next year.