St. Andrews young adults become young leaders


On Thursday, 5th March, Mr. Rob Davies visited St Andrews International School Green Valley to help develop the leadership skills within the year 10 and 11 (IGCSE) students.

Rob’s “Communication, Motivation and Young Leadership theme” was designed to enable the young adult participants to focus on these elements of working in a team via the DiSC Leadership Tool that he has applied with hundreds of his clients over the years.

Communication, Motivation and Young Leadership.Communication, Motivation and Young Leadership.

Mr. Bryne Stothard (IGCSE Coordinator at SAIS) thanked Rob for his time and effort: “We would like to thank Rob for running the workshop, it was a very meaningful experience for our students, and we are very lucky to have such supportive parents.”

Rob Davies has lived and worked in Asia for 29 years and has facilitated Inter-Cultural Team, Leadership, Communication and Sales Training for managers and their teams for over 160 Fortune-1000 Companies in Thailand, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Laos, Germany, Bangladesh, Singapore, China, India and Vietnam during the past 18 years.

55 students took part in a highly interactive and enjoyable communication workshop, which focused on understanding their own communication styles, recognizing & understanding a friend’s, co-students’, teachers’ or (perhaps most importantly) a future employer’s communication style. The SAIS students then learnt techniques on adapting their communication style to others to be more effective and constructively influential.

Rob has a vested interest in wanting to help develop the St Andrews IGCSE cohort as he himself has two children at St Andrews (Samantha Davies yr11 and Matthew Davies yr8).

It was a “highly interactive and enjoyable communication workshop”.It was a “highly interactive and enjoyable communication workshop”.

Mr. Kerry Sutherland (careers officer at SAIS), who was also an active participant in the workshop, wanted to thank Rob for the session. “Rob was great. The session was superbly organised and the activities were engaging and highly effective. I was particularly interested to see how closely the students identified with their communication styles. Being aware of the strengths and limitations of their own communication style, and that of others, is such a valuable lesson.”

Daniil Pogozhev (Yr11) commented: “I found it particularly interesting how every individual had different learning styles, and how different learners brought different skills and different personalities to a team. I thought Mr. Davies was a great teacher and he helped me understand a lot more about myself.”