St Andrews celebrates the Year of the Goat


As part of St Andrews International School Green Valley Chinese New Year celebrations, Kindergarteners enjoyed learning about some of the special things we do for Chinese New Year.

We talked about some of the special foods we eat and looked at some Chinese writing. One of our favourite things to do was to play in the noodle shop.

We had some parents come and visit to share their Chinese culture with us. We made some fun firecracker decorations and they taught us how to say a few words in Chinese.

St. Andrews Year 5 Ninja Warriors!St. Andrews Year 5 Ninja Warriors!

To finish of our week, Kindergarten students attended the primary assembly and joined in their performances. The Early Years students dressed up as part of a class dragon to lead the assembly. Kindergarten students also performed a poem about the dragon’s birthday, and a song about the year of the goat. Some primary students performed a Chinese dance, the Mandarin department showed us a Kung Fu demonstration, and a few brave teachers participated in a chopstick challenge.

The fantastic Early Years Dragon Parade.The fantastic Early Years Dragon Parade.