Careers Day a ‘Wealth of Knowledge’ for Regents students


Monday the 2nd saw a large number of professionals descend upon Regents International School for the annual Careers Day for year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students.

Individuals from a wide range of professions, such as hotel management, engineering, the military, accounting, journalism, medicine, and many more, gave speeches to small groups of students interested to know what their jobs entailed.

Mr. Andres Bradshaw - A navigations expert in the British military.Mr. Andres Bradshaw – A navigations expert in the British military.

Designed to give students the information they need to start thinking about potential career paths, students were asked to spread the net wide and sign up to five different speakers to get a large range of ideas.

Event organiser and biology teacher Miss Carolyn Neylon expressed gratitude to all of the day’s special guests.

“Students got a lot out of the day and were excited and enthused by the conversations they had. Many left rethinking their future plans, and realising that in a changing job market, they may well have several different careers and developing transferable skills is every bit as important as gaining qualifications. The Careers Fair will be back next year and we aim to make it bigger and better than ever!”

Mr. Alyric Merriot - A secondary school teacher.Mr. Alyric Merriot – A secondary school teacher.

The careers day is just one facet of how Regents International School Pattaya prepares students for the next stage of their lives after school. We offer 360 degree information and guidance with the aim of creating a solid knowledge base in every student we teach.