St. Andrews achieves ‘Gold star standard’


At St. Andrews International School Green Valley, teachers, students and parents are celebrating after being awarded the top award – Gold standard by a team of UK inspectors, which makes St. Andrews the first and only school to achieve this in Pattaya and the entire Eastern Seaboard.

In order to achieve the gold status inspectors judged the school on the following eight sections: the progress and achievement of students; students’ personal development; the quality of teaching and learning; the curriculum; the school’s accommodation and resources; how well the school cares for and supports its students; the school’s partnership with parents and the community, and leadership and management.

St. Andrew’s secondary students celebrate the success of the recent inspection.St. Andrew’s secondary students celebrate the success of the recent inspection.

In every single category St. Andrews International School, Green Valley achieved grade 1: ‘Outstanding’ and is one of the four schools in South East Asia that have achieved this incredible result.

“We are absolutely delighted to have the high standards and successes of our school confirmed by independent educational experts,” said Andy Harrison, Principal of the school.

Beatrice Walker, a parent of two secondary children said, “I have always known that St. Andrews International, Green Valley was the very best choice for my children and this inspection report confirms this.”

Eimear Rogers, a parent of a primary student said, “From the first moment I came to St. Andrews there was a real buzz about the school, where everyone seemed really happy to be there. My child is thriving in every way and I am not surprised to hear the result from the inspection.  I have every faith that St. Andrews provides the best education for my child.”

All reputable international schools are regularly inspected to ensure that rigorously high standards are maintained and students and parents are assured that they are receiving the best education possible.

Michelle Taylor, Senior Teacher, who leads the inspection process at St. Andrews said, “It is really important when choosing a school to ask to see their inspection report as this gives parents an independent judgment of a school which can sometimes vary from the advertising that the school provides.”

So, as the school year comes to end students, teachers and parents are celebrating not only the successes that students have experienced throughout the year, but also the confirmation that St. Andrews International School Green Valley is the only ‘Gold star ‘standard school on the Eastern Seaboard.