SAIS Eastern Seaboard science fair reaches dizzying new heights


February 18th marked the beginning of the fifth annual Eastern Seaboard Science Fair at St. Andrews International School Green Valley.

Schools in attendance this year included: Regents, Tara Pattana, Rasami British International School, Rayong English Programme School and Wat Prapadoo School.

The science fair is an opportunity for students, who have a passion for science to come together to compete, and demonstrate their experimental projects in front of judges and other competitors. Hundreds of hours were spent experimenting, collecting data, repeating the process and finally presenting to judges. The judges had their work cut out, as the standard of the projects was extremely high.

Schools from all over the eastern Seaboard and Bangkok came down to participate.

Here is what the judges and students had to say about the fair:

“This year is the best so far!” Mr. Thorp, Head of Science and Science Fair coordinator.

“There is a very high academic standard this year and I’m very impressed with the students’ explanations of their projects,” Ms. Randall, SAIS Science teacher.

“Challenge accepted!” Kelly Chu in Year 13.

“Good activities and lots of experienced to be gained,” Rayong English Programme School.

One of the teams from Wat Prapadoo School who took the grand prize.

The competition was high but there can be only one winner and once all the scores were totted up it was Nongnapat (Palm) Nuchitpab and Pheesapat (Zola) Hanchana from Wat Prapadoo School who took the grand prize with their experiment that looked into how water waves can be manipulated to push and pull objects across the surface, which the judges described as ‘astonishing’.

Thank you to our sponsors Liebherr, Can Do, The Tavern by the Sea, Amari Rayong, Cognita group and The St. Andrews PTG.

Now the work for next year’s fair begins…