REPS celebrate Valentines with Happy Hearts Open House


Recently the Nursery and Kindergarten students at Rayong English Programme School sent handmade invitations home to invite their parents to a valentine themed “Happy Hearts Open House”. Their original drawings were very creative, cute and colorful.

Every student also made a special valentine card or gift for mom and dad to give when their parents arrived at their classroom. Preparing their “show and tell” about the classroom and their studies took a little bit of rehearsal time as did the practice of leading their guests around the school to show the many other rooms that they learn and play in.

REPS Kindergarten teachers welcome parents to “Happy Hearts Open House”.

On Open House night our teachers welcomed parents to the school and handed directional maps to help with the locations of rooms, just in case their three year old might forget where they were leading mom and dad. Amazingly enough the students did a great job of showing their parents around. One favorite stop was the library where they could make bookmarks together to take home. Another favorite was the Art/ Music and Drama room where dress up and dancing on the stage was super fun. Hearts and butterflies decorated that room and happily parents were given an original creation to “takeaway.”

A is for and Apple iPad.

The English learning Pods were a big hit too, as the Safari and Dinosaur themed rooms had many activities to do as well as explanation stations. The candy house in the Hansel and Gretel room was very crowded as both parents and students made creative crafts to take home.

Of course the all time favorite room was the ICT room with the Apple iPads.

The students enjoyed showing their parents how to use the “minis,” and take photos, practice drawing both the Thai and English alphabet and play educational games.

Dan, this is how it’s done.

The children all enjoyed showing their family the new school. After the visits to their homeroom, the Pods, Library, ICT and Art room, excited students collected a heart shaped balloon and big cookie to take home. It really was a Happy Hearts Day!