REPS Kindergarten and Family Fun Day gives to help others


We had an amazing family day at REPS Kindergarten on September 11. Less than a week later areas of Ban Chang, Rayong, Sattahip and Pattaya were deluged with rain that caused flooding in many local areas close to our homes and school. REPS Kindergarten teachers and students decided to collect money to help with emergency supplies as well as food, clothing and personal needs to some families affected by the floods. Often standing on tiptoes to put their 1, 5 or 10 baht into the donation box, the children learned lessons about helping others. Parents also helped by donating new items and used clothing. In addition money from International Family Fun Day will be used to buy school uniforms for students who had theirs destroyed by the floods.

The British are coming.

The theme for our annual Family Fun Day was “International” as a way of learning about different countries and their unique customs, dress, foods and flags. The week before the event in their art classes, student were busy painting, coloring, cutting and pasting flags from other countries. Of course they also made bright red, white and blue Thailand flags. The many distinct and colorful flags were hung all around the new kindergarten building to decorate for the day.

REPS Kindergarten students donating to help local flood families.

Nursery and Kindergarten students and their parents were encouraged to dress to represent their favorite country or one they would like to visit. When families arrived, it was like a trip around the world as many varied and brilliant outfits appeared, including India, China, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, America, Canada, Laos, Japan, England, Holland, Russia and Thailand. Nearly everyone, including the teachers, got into the international spirit and dressed to represent different countries.

After singing the Thai national anthem, the students performed for their parents singing “Hello Everybody, H-E-L-L-O” in several different languages and paraded in circles singing “It’s a Small World” before inviting their parents to the playground for photos with each other and the popular mascots. Then the students engaged in playing the many games and activities that teachers and assistants had creatively prepared. Some favorites were frog ball, mini-golf, go fish, ring-toss, treasure hunt and of course the bouncy castle.

Families gathered to feast in the beautifully decorated International Food Court and enjoyed all kinds of yummy food, sweets and ice cream.  A huge “thank you” goes out to all the parents for their generous donations. Also “thanks” to REPS Student Council and M3 students who helped with all the games and activities. It really was a glorious sunny, fun day and it also helped families that had a very bad rainy day.

We are the world.