Children show appreciation to teaching staff at Green Valley


On the 24th of September, Green Valley celebrated Wai-Khru day. During this Thai ceremony, students paid respects to their teachers, expressing gratitude for all that their teacher has done for them. A fantastic way for students and teachers to develop their relationships, the Wai-Khru ritual is held near the beginning of the school year in most Thai schools.

Parents, students and teachers gathered in Green Valley’s performance hall to witness the colourful ceremony, in which Primary students presented offerings to teachers in the form of flowers and candles arranged in beautiful displays.

Teachers from across campus were honoured by students.

Alex Brent, a year four student said, “I was very proud to represent my class and give my teacher flowers. This day is great because you get to show your teacher that what they do makes you happy and excited to come into school.”

The ceremony ended in a speech from newly appointed head of Primary Josh Doubleday: “This kind of ceremony reminds us that this level of appreciation for teachers has been lost in other countries; what a wonderful thing.”

Students spent hours making bouquets for their teachers.