Regent’s success with the Lamda Speech and Drama examinations


For 6 years, the LAMDA Speech and Drama examinations have become a regular fixture on The Regent’s School Pattaya’s academic calendar. The London Academy of Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is one of the leading Drama Schools in the UK and, as well as training world-class actors, it has also built an enviable reputation in offering a selection of examinations which cover the whole range of Drama skills from speaking verse and poetry, performing monologues and duologues, mime, musical theatre and improvisation amongst others.

The most popular option chosen by our students has usually been the performance of monologues and duologues to the visiting examiner from the UK. Although each examination lasts on average 15-20 minutes, the preparation usually involves many weeks of hard work choosing the right pieces and polishing them to performance standard under the guidance of one of the teachers in the Drama Department.

LAMDA students proudly display their certificates.LAMDA students proudly display their certificates.

The benefits of taking the test invariably results in an improvement in the student’s performance skills, particularly in the areas of vocal projection and articulation, a much greater sense of personal confidence and a greater understanding of how to interpret different texts and bring characters and situations alive to an audience.

As well as a sense of personal achievement from having successfully completed the examination performance students greatly appreciate and learn from the detailed written feedback supplied with their certificate on results day.

The Regent’s School Pattaya is currently the only LAMDA Examination Centre in Thailand, although LAMDA examinations are hugely popular in international schools across the world, including schools in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong in the Asia-Pacific region together with many other schools in Africa, the Middle East and South America.

This year over 25 students achieved success with 9 Pass, 16 Merits and 1 Distinction with a third receiving Bronze medals to go with their certificates. Congratulations to these students who will most likely be progressing to the next level of achievement in LAMDA in 2014.