Regent’s students thrill in pantomime production


‘Oh yes he is! Oh no, he isn’t!’ Christmas came early this year when the talented KS3 Drama students of the Regent’s School Pattaya took to the stage of the Globe Theatre to perform in the much-loved traditional British pantomime Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood.

As is the tradition, the audience was encouraged to join in from the very start with ‘cheeky-chappie’ Owen Walton as Simple Simon refusing to go anywhere until he got a proper ‘hello’ from the packed audience!

Robin and his Merry Men make plans.Robin and his Merry Men make plans.

This was only the beginning and there were plenty of opportunities to cheer the evil Sheriff of Nottingham played with malevolent relish by Raven Reichl and give resounding cheers to the good deeds of Robin Hood performed with perfect swagger and aplomb by Sophie Young.  No pantomime would be complete without the Dame and, as Dame Trott, Bobby Frefel did not disappoint the audience, particularly in the school scene in which he is out-witted (again) by Simple Simon.

Dame Trott takes to the air!Dame Trott takes to the air!

The students who gave huge energy to the performance were clearly having tremendous fun playing their characters with each of Robin Hood’s Merry Men carefully characterized and confidently projected. James Procter and Cole Stevens stood out as the bumbling servants Smash and Grab with Cole effortlessly doubling the role of King Richard in the final scene. Anita van Dam as a dainty Fairy Bluebell and Hyun Do Jhee as the Sheriff’s unfortunate ‘side-kick’ Gisburn, and also gave memorable performances with Hugo Bragg and Poppy Mulford giving delightful performances as the Babes themselves.

Indeed, there were no weak links amongst the cast, with the Chorus, in particular, providing the stunning opening musical number from Les Miserable, At the End of the Day.

The spectacular set created by the Regent’s School Art Department teachers Ms Helen Burden and Mr Peter Burden matched the ambition of this production superbly directed by Mr Nick Lewis.

This was the first pantomime performed at the Regent’s School and, judging by the thunderous applause and enthusiastic responses throughout from the audience it will surely not be the last. Everyone is to be congratulated for such a polished, entertaining and joyous experience.

Fairy Bluebell links the scenes.Fairy Bluebell links the scenes.

The school children make fun of Dame Trott.The school children make fun of Dame Trott.

Simple Simon says hello!Simple Simon says hello!

The Sheriff and Gisburn plot their nasty deeds.The Sheriff and Gisburn plot their nasty deeds.

Smash and Grab are about to get a surprise.Smash and Grab are about to get a surprise.

There’s a ghost behind us!There’s a ghost behind us!

The Ghostbusters song.The Ghostbusters song.