Samet determined to be ‘safe’ after water tests


Tourists have been assured the water around Koh Samet is safe after chemistry students went on a field trip to the popular island.

Students from Garden International School (GIS) went to the island to carry out investigations into water quality as part of their studies. International Baccalaureate (IB) Chemistry students and Year 10 Geography students were joined by three teachers. After a fun, but tiring three days there, they came back with some interesting results.

Year 10 students prepare to land on Koh Samet.Year 10 students prepare to land on Koh Samet.

The IB students found out that most water on Koh Samet is safe for people since it is close to neutral, or ph 7. One student said, “We also investigated the soil ph levels, which were around ph 6 and 7, which is good as well. Interestingly, the Geography students also counted the amount of litter they collected in Koh Samet, which, even though it is known as a tourist place, wasn’t that much.

“We didn’t only do investigations the whole time. We also swam around the beach, talked to other students we had never talked with before, and went kayaking – but most of all, even though it was a tiring trip, we all had a great time.”

IB students carry out a range of research on the island.IB students carry out a range of research on the island.

Collecting water samples from Koh Samet.Collecting water samples from Koh Samet.

Students visit a water plant on Koh Samet.Students visit a water plant on Koh Samet.