Regent’s community unites for Nepal


Regent’s students aren’t ones to dodge the big issues, they like to act. So when Manoj Chapagain from Year 13 decided to raise money for the village school in Nepal which he attended before joining The Regent’s as a sponsored student, it was ironic that he chose to organise a charity dodgeball competition.

It was an inspired choice, as the competition on Friday 11 October drew together 24 teams of pupils and staff and raised over 30,000 THB for Project Nepal.

Manoj Chapagain - trying to make a difference to his community back home.Manoj Chapagain – trying to make a difference to his community back home.

Having arrived in Pattaya from Dhili Sabitri Higher Secondary School near Kathmandu, Manoj has benefited hugely from his education at The Regent’s, stretching himself academically and growing as a socially-aware young man through The Regent’s Global Citizenship Programme. Along with a few friends, Manoj formed the Project Nepal group, with the aim to raise at least 3000 USD for computers for his poorly-funded former school. After the dodgeball competition, the group is a third of the way towards its target.

Manoj commented, “I studied in that school for half of my life before joining The Regent’s as a sponsored student, so I wanted to help or contribute. Regent’s does so much community service, particularly in Thailand, and raises money for charity and foundations, so I thought it would good idea to help out my village school.”

Head of PE, Paul Madden, who officiated at the competition commented, “Manoj and the rest of the Project Nepal team are a real credit to the school and epitomize the spirit we strive to instill in all of our students. It was truly inspiring to see our Global Citizenship Programme bringing together so many students and staff to help one young man try to make a real difference to his community back home.”