Pattaya Sports Club solves a problem for A.T.C.C.


There are many distressing situations we encounter when meeting up with the underprivileged, those that have a handicapped member of the family, both young and elderly, or do not have sufficient income to support their family just to provide the basic essentials that are required every day.

But there are times when we start happy and end up even happier. That is exactly what happened recently when Pattaya Sports Club visited Khun Ja at the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Centre in Nongprue. Many guests were also in attendance which included members of PSC, Jesters, Toy, Pattaya Mail, and Rotary to show their support for this project.

All the visitors together.All the visitors together.

The ATCC is a home for children who have been sexually and physically abused but, the happy starting point, they now have been introduced to other children in the home and have found a new family and friends sharing everything with 31 other children.

Ja involves the children when developing the site, building new houses, a classroom, a computer and medical centre. But all the children are involved in helping to grow vegetables, taking care of mushrooms and chickens, the surplus products being sold to the local market. With so much going on it became apparent that there wasn’t anywhere to play. Children love, and need, to play and many Thai children develop into very capable sportspersons and apart from the benefits of regular exercise they learn discipline and self-control.

The ground must be cleared.The ground must be cleared.

Something had to be done. There was an area that was uneven, covered with banana trees and other plants and was underwater following a typical Thailand downpour. A no-go area until it had dried.

An approach to Pattaya Sports Club solved the problem. An all-weather, all-purpose playing area was laid allowing the children to play at any time and enjoy multi sports events, including football, basketball, takraw, badminton or whatever sport they can devise.

The children have cleared the site.The children have cleared the site.

The look of happiness on Ja and the children’s faces when they saw the finished area was fantastic, and now sufficient funds must be found to purchase the necessary equipment for them to enjoy this area even more. If you feel you would like to help the ATCC with a donation of cash or basic food requirements, please contact PSC or William on 086 152 2754.

It isn’t only sport but any exercise.It isn’t only sport but any exercise.

Children love ice cream.Children love ice cream.

The finished area.The finished area.

You must relax to eat ice cream.You must relax to eat ice cream.