Pattaya Sports Club and Rotary supply water to 4 schools in Phanat Nikhom


The children say thank you to the Rotarians and the Pattaya Sports Club for their new water filtration system at Thung Nonghian School.


Many of us ignore the benefits of drinking water but a supply of clean drinking water that is easily accessible is essential to everyone’s health but, in particular, children both young and old. With this in mind, representatives of Pattaya Sports Club and the Rayong, Jomtien-Pattaya and Phanat Nikhom branches of Rotary set out to supply a tried and tested filtration system of drinking water to 4 schools in Phanat Nikhom.


Rotary have, for several years, been installing clean water filters in schools to protect pupils and staff from harmful chemicals, bacteria and virulent viruses which abound in tropical countries. Sadly, there are still many schools using contaminated water, particularly in rural areas, so there is still work to be done.

New drinking water filtration systems, like this one at Wat Maithapho School, are up and running at 4 Phanat Nikhom schools.

Situated to the east of Chonburi, William and Ron of the PSC went to the area in August to investigate the situation and, as a result, the PSC Committee decided to donate sufficient funds to install this system to each school. One thing they did discover was that the local people are very friendly and helpful. Not knowing the area, a policeman escorted them on his motorbike around the farm areas to the first school. From there the director gave up the rest of his day to act as navigator through the area to introduce them to the directors of the remaining 3 schools. Without their help, William and Ron may never have been seen again.

All 4 schools now have the system up and running, which benefits, not only the children, but, because of the village atmosphere around the schools in these farming areas, the families are encouraged to take water home when visiting the school, benefiting them, too.


Rotarians and the Pattaya Sports Club pose with children at Wat Pongpakdong School.

Students at Wat Maithapho School are happy to receive clean drinking water.

Ban Nongprom School students wai their thanks after receiving the water filters.