Royal Cliff Beach Resort welcomes a true hero



Royal Cliff Beach Resort executives had the honor of welcoming Rear Admiral Dan Cloyd; USS Navy hero to the Royal Wing Suites & Spa earlier this month.

Joachim Grill; general manager of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort proudly welcomes Rear Admiral Dan Cloyd (right) to the Royal Cliff Beach Resort.


As a Commander of the Task Force, Commander of Carrier Strike Group Five, and Commander of the Battle Force Seventh Fleet, Rear Admiral Cloyd is a personality of great admiration.

With his distinguished background, Admiral Cloyd has served his nation immensely, and his attributes have made him one of the most creditable members of the US Navy. Embarking in the USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67), USS Saratoga (CV 60) and USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) are only a selection of his outstanding services to his country.

The Admiral and his wife spent five tranquil nights at Royal Wing Suites & Spa overlooking the pristine colors of the Gulf of Thailand. Highly impressed with the quality of service and luxurious accommodation that the Royal Cliff Beach Resort is world renowned for, they left the resort with fond memories.